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Can you eat a 24 inch pizza in less than 48 minutes?

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Southpaw's Pizza Challenge


Southpaw's Pizza Eating Challenge Rules:
1. This is either a solo challenge or one additional person can join.
2. You must consume our 24in Challenge Pizza in 48 min with nothing left - no toppings, no crust or cheese.
3. You must remain at the table during the entire duration of the challenge. A bathroom break will result in disqualification.
4. No clock stoppage will be allowed for any reason.
5. You can stop the clock if you cannot complete the challenge.
6. You get your choice of 1 topping, -the topping choice excludes spinach and basil.
7. If you complete the challenge your picture will be put up on our Wall of Winners and you will receive a Southpaw's T-Shirt. You also will receive the pizza for FREE.
8. If you fail to complete the challenge the cost of the pizza will be $40 dollars and you get to take home the leftovers.

Please keep in mind that we do not serve 24in pizzas outside of the challenge.

We do not have the ability to serve up multiple challenges at the same time so there might be a wait.

Reservations can be taken.